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‘Peers’ a film showcasing UFA Peer Tutoring in action at St Philip Howard School, Glossop from UFA National on Vimeo.

We aren’t ones to blow our own trumpet at UFA, but we are incredible proud of this film.

We are proud of ‘Peers’ because it captures the massive impact of our Peer Tutoring programme on a school, its staff, their community and most importantly, the students.

We are proud of the amazing staff at St Philip Howard School in Glossop who took part in our Lead Practitioner programme, then with the support of our direct delivery training, rolled out a Peer Tutoring programme which now includes 1 in 5 of their pupils.

We are proud of the UFA team who created the original Peer Tutoring programme and worked so hard to update and refresh that programme to make it as current and relevant to schools as possible.

We are proud of the film crew from Vyka, who brought together all of the strands of the story to create such a fantastic film, which includes so many voices from across the school community.

But we are most proud of the young people who have taken part in the programme, both as Tutors and Tutees and have been so open and honest about the challenges they face and the experiences they have had as part of the programme.

Thank you to everyone involved. To find out more about Peer Tutoring please get in touch.

UFA – proud to make a difference.

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