Win a UFA Peer Tutor Training programme for your school!

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Win a UFA Peer Tutor Training programme for your school!

We have been training Peer Tutors for 19 years and see its impact in school and community settings up and down the UK week in week out.  We are keen to spread the word further and as part of our charitable work are offering one of our Peer Tutor Training programmes free of charge to one lucky school.  This programme would usually cost £2650.

This is a fantastic opportunity to win a UFA programme for your school and start a journey which could create significant change for students and for the school as a whole.

We know from a large body of published research that Peer Tutoring has an impact on academic performance and attitudes to school.  Tutored students outperform their peers from control groups in exams and are more engaged in the subject matter they are studying. There is also significant evidence that there is a positive impact on Peer Tutors as well as tutees. See the EEF Evidence on Peer Tutoring here.  We will work with you to train your first cohort of Peer Tutors. Once you have made that step we can then work with you to embed the programme so that you have the capacity to train your own Peer Tutors for the future.

If you’d like to know more about the impact of UFA Peer Tutoring watch ‘Peers’ our latest short film capturing one school’s Peer Tutoring story. As this film shows, the benefits of Peer Tutoring can go way beyond attainment.

To enter this competition visit our competition page here or if you know someone else who might be interested please share this post, the closing date is April 30th 2016.

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