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  • “I have worked with UFA on Peer Facilitators, and Young Researchers and Evaluators (YRE). Both times it felt like a true collaboration, not just buying in an off the shelf bit of training.
    “The UFA is expert in inspiring young people to be confident learners. What I really appreciate is the time and care they take to bespoke their training. Reflection and evaluation are threaded through the course. The UFA has a very experienced and knowledgeable team of trainers to call upon.
    “They are also a generous organisation and are happy to share learning materials – all well laid out, clear, easy to use and packed with top tips."

    Dawn Williams, Sage Gateshead

  • "I wasn't a bad person, but I just didn't take things seriously and probably would have continued that way if it wasn't for the UFA. My involvement with the UFA changed my life. It's shown me leadership skills and helped me being in a teaching/leading role. I feel now I'm a good role model."

    UFA Lead Learner

  • “The UFA opened up new ways of thinking, as well as providing a raft of fantastic methods and exercises that would encourage interaction, learning and ultimately, improved relationships – not only between pupils, but pupils and staff. It seemed to me that it was a win-win situation and I was really keen to put what we’d learnt into practice and develop a programme in school.”

    Dale Holding, Honley High School

  • "Before I came on a UFA course, I was afraid to meet new people, I felt like quite a shy person. I also thought learning wasn't good and can't be fun, but it can! Now I can make more friends and I'm not embarrassed to go and meet someone face to face and shake their hand."

    Young person

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