Lead Practitioner

Professional Development

UFA Lead practitioners develop their expertise in specific UFA programmes through a three step process, attending UFA Lead Practitioner Training, putting your learning into practice then feeding back to us about it.

These short courses give practitioners the expertise and resources to lead particular UFA programmes in their area.

Lead practitioner programmes model UFA values and offer practical, innovative, research based approaches for engaging learners. The training offers a combination of strategic planning and practical application, including high quality resources to run the programme in your setting.

Each of our programmes has a supporting Lead Practitioner programme running alongside it.

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What's the cost?

Lead Practitioner Training

All costs are based on a minimum of 10 people per course.
£195 per person

Who's this programme for?

Classroom Teachers
Teaching Assistants
Senior Managers
Community Activity Providers
Learning Mentors

Participant Info

Maximum numbers are 20 people.
Recruiting more than 10 participants allows you to generate income or get some places free.


What Participants Say

"UFA has reminded me that learning can be exciting and that young people can be so inspirational. More than anything, it has reminded me that teaching can be fun."

UFA Lead Practitioner

"I've found ways to reach children who were so disassociated with education that I feared they were beyond reach, but with UFA techniques very few children feel under-valued or helpless."

UFA Lead Practitioner

Lead Practitioner Courses available

We have supporting Lead Practitioner courses available for

  • Peer Tutoring
  • Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Young Researchers and Evaluators
  • Super Leader Days
  • Lead Learners



Outcomes for participants

    • Confidence and resources to lead a UFA programme
    • A range of practical strategies
    • Greater understanding of young people’s learning drawn from a range of theories of motivation, engagement and learning
    • Share examples of good and next practice
    • Access to a range of high quality UFA resources and publications, including the UFA website
    • An opportunity to focus on themselves as learners and engage in some simple action research

Outcomes for schools

  • Staff are trained to lead a programme for young people or parents
  • New curriculum models to use within and beyond the school day
  • Contributes to transforming learning
  • Consideration of a broader concept of learning that bridges home, school and community
  • Re-energised and motivated staff

Peer Tutoring at UFA


Outcomes for young people


  • Greater engagement and participation in learning
  • Improved achievement for young people
  • Improved behaviour and attitudes to learning
  • More positive relationships with staff and peers
  • Enhanced leadership skills

Hosting a UFA Lead Practitioner programme

UFA is always looking for organisations willing to host a Lead Practitioner course.

Courses are for up to 20 people, but if you recruit more than 10 people for a course you can either generate income for your organisation, get some places for free or spread the cost and savings across your network.

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