Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Working With Children & Young People

This leadership course gives young people the opportunity to develop and explore their leadership skills based around a series of activities which include ‘Leading Self and Others’, ‘Accountability’ and ‘Project Management’.

UFA can deliver this course directly to students or we can train, support and provide resources for your team to deliver it. We can also train older groups of young people to act as facilitators for their peers and support the delivery of the course. Young people gain a high quality leadership experience which they can use to take on a range of school and community leadership projects. This can be delivered as a two or three day course.

What's the cost?

Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Two day course direct delivered to young people.

Co-delivery of three day course

1 UFA Trainer and Lead Facilitator, 2 day course plus 1 day facilitator training for staff

Who's this programme for?

Young people aged 8+

Participant Info

Multiple teams of 15


What Participants Say

“This course was AWESOME – please can we do it again? Today I have learned to listen to everyone, believe in my team and to stay calm under pressure.
The sort of leader I feel I can be now? - organised, understanding, empathetic and resourceful.”

Young Leader

"I have learned to speak my mind and to be encouraging at the same time. I learned how to communicate with people and how to work in a group, but most importantly I learnt how to be a leader."

Young Leader


Through this programme, young people become empowered to have a real voice in shaping the future of their school or organisation; they also gain skills which are transferable into many other situations.Young people on the course will:
  • develop their understanding of how to lead themselves and others
  • develop team work skills
  • develop their understanding of how to be a leader in their school or organisation, their community and as a citizen
  • develop leadership and employability skills

Schools and organisations will:

  • develop positive relationships with young people
  • offer young people a real voice and influence
  • have a programme which contributes to the long term raising of standards
  • develop their staff to have an impact on teaching and learning



What's in the course?

The course can run over two or three days and it is an active, progressive and intense experience based around a challenge framework. It offers a range of activities and processes that allow the young people to develop and practise their skills and receive feedback on them, both as an individual and as part of a group. It is facilitated by adults who quickly enable young people to lead themselves and others.The main modules of the course are:

  • Developing the skills of a leader
  • Student leadership roles
  • Leadership in practice

The course contains several leadership simulations including designing and managing projects, giving and receiving feedback, team challenges and presentations. Each student will receive a Student Notebook to use during and after the course and certificates are presented on completion. If staff are trained as facilitators, the school or organisation will then be licensed to deliver the course themselves in the future and will receive electronic copies of the programme and resources.For both direct delivery and co-delivery we bring all resources.

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