Super Leader Days are an exciting way of introducing leadership skills and characteristics to a group of young people, ideally at the start of their career as a young leader (we recommend Year 7 or 8).

It’s an opportunity to explore how to lead yourself, make decisions, taking responsibility, understanding risk and consequences, all of which are skills and attributes to develop independent learning as well as a start for leading others. The day is made up of a carousel of workshops which are participatory and engaging and support young people in seeing themselves as leaders in a range of formal and informal roles. The day can either be delivered by our experienced staff team or co-delivered with your own staff. Pre and post evaluations will provide a start point for your students to reflect on and being their development leadership journey. We recommend this one day programme for a whole year group (it can be delivered at different sessions for large numbers) but can be targeted activity for smaller groups too.


  • Sustainable – staff receive training in delivering the day
  • Gives students an intensive learning experience
  • Encourages team-working
  • Staff and young people learn alongside one another
  • Opportunity to do something in a different way
  • Can develop UFA activity in a school




What's in the course?

A Typical Super Leader Day

The day begins with an assembly for all participants introducing the theme of the Super Leader Day.
Throughout the day groups of students are involved in a carousel of activities which are challenging and fun.
The final group task is a review activity when all participants come together for a final session in which they share their learning and enjoyment of the day.

There are two routes for schools and organisations to be involved in a Super Leader Day.
1. UFA works with the school or organisation, training staff to co-deliver a Super Leader Day with the workshop activities provided by UFA.
2. Key adults can attend Lead Practitioner Training and then develop their own Super Leader Day programme.
UFA can also work with you directly to develop a unique or themed programme for your Super Leader Days.

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