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The end of term is fast approaching, and like every year, the pressure is on to prise your son/daughter away from their screen for at least some of the six weeks holiday. How are they currently planning to spend their summer? If you think it might involve too much Facebook, Netflix or Candy Crush – we have just the thing.

At UFA, we deliver and support some fantastic programmes that truly engage young people and improve their life chances – one such programme is NCS – the National Citizen Service.

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is growing in popularity as the go-to experience for 16-17-year-olds – and it’s not just young people who are seeing the incredible rewards and benefits. Parents, guardians and teachers have also noticed that NCS has had a significant impact on their children and students.

One mum, Liz, whose son took part in a UFA NCS programme, told us of her teen:

“He walked into a part-time job at Waitrose – something I firmly believe would not have happened without his new-found confidence and personal skills… I can’t thank NCS enough. I’ve seen a young man that physically grew in stature during this short space of time. And what it’s given him has altered the course of his life for the better. Probably forever.”


To date, NCS has helped more than 130,000 16-17-year-olds in the UK to grow in confidence, make new friends, develop desirable employment skills and secure a brilliant CV. And UFA has been a huge part of that process.

Through challenging outdoor activities and community projects that make a difference, NCS gives young people the chance to develop the skills and means to change the world around them. It inspires, helps them to meet new people, experience new things – and is a fantastic contrast from the toil of exams. It really is a rewarding experience.

And the great news is, there are still a few places remaining for this summer’s UFA NCS programme! If you live in one of the areas below, simply give the relevant contact a call to secure a place. If not, head to the NCS website – there’s sure to be something happening near you, just register to find out more.

Suffolk: Call Jenny Tabley on 01473 288 980

Bedford: Call Edel Bradley on 01234 365 833

Northampton: Call Sarah Arnett on 01832 731 375

Durham: Call Pauline Vipond on 01388 443 094

Accrington: Call Alice O’Rourke on 01254 471230

Milton Keynes: Call Lizzie Aigbehinmua on 01234 365 833

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